January 1, 2023

Omaha Meditates


Welcome to Omaha Meditates

Omaha Meditates is an invitation to dedicate one minute or more to greater well-being. Participate at any time during the 24 hour period. Sit, stand, lie down, or walk. Choose whatever approach best allows you to be fully attentive to the present moment. Take part while at home or join a hosted event.

Make a Pledge to Practice:

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By taking the pledge to commit to one minute or more of meditation on January 1, 2023, you help to improve your quality of life and promote greater well-being in Omaha.


Omaha Meditates Facebook Event:

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RSVP and let your friends and family know you’re participating by sharing the Omaha Meditates Facebook event.

Omaha Meditates Hosted Events:



During Omaha Meditates a number of our friends, partners, and fellow meditation teachers will be hosting sitting groups to provide you with a comfortable and supportive environment for your practice on this day of introspection and altruism. Please feel welcome to attend one or more of the local group sits being offered around the Omaha Metro Area.

List of Omaha Meditates Hosted Events here.

Want to host an event? Email the time, location, and contact person for your event and we’ll be in touch.


Omaha Meditates Sponsors:

MOICMLGravity Center

Wisdom HouseHoney Locust Sangha

Mindful Omaha